Copernicus data in action: 10 Hackathons in Europa


Copernicus data in action: 10 Hackathons in Europa

Entwickler, Ingenieure, Programmierer, Raketenwissenschaftler, technisch versierte Studenten, Designer und Künstler sind eingeladen an einem der Hackathons teilzunehmen, um sich mit anderen Teilnehmern zu treffen und zu arbeiten - was den Hackathon zu einem größeren Networking-Treffen macht als andere professionelle Veranstaltung.

  • #1 in Leiden, The Netherlands (29-30 September). Registration is open.
    Topics: Earth Water and Air. You can join the first Copernicus Hackathon and promote your ideas.
  • #2 in Bratislava, Slovakia (6-7 October).
    Topic: Open to all Copernicus themes
  • #3 in Villorba - Treviso, Italy (5-7 October). Registration is open.
    Topic: Sustainable Development Goals.
  • #4 in Athens, Greece (12-13 October).
    Topic: Open to all Copernicus themes. Main areas of interest: Marine protection, maritime services and precision agriculture, complemented by security and emergency management.
  • #5 in Darmstadt and Frankfurt am Main, Germany (12-13 and 17 October).
    Topic: Smart city/urban planning with a focus on mobility for the Rhine-Main region as a template for similar regions in the world.
  • #6 in Toulouse, France (26/27 October).
    Topic: Create awareness of Toulouse climate challenges and its local consequences.
  • #7 in Riga, Latvia (26 October).
    Topics: Copernicus for Smart Cities Development and Management in the Context of Climate Change.
  • #8 in Lublin, Krakow and Warsaw; Poland (8, 10 and 17 November).
    Topic: Lublin: Bio economy, low-emission energy; Krakow: Life Sciences, Low-emission energy – same as for Lubelski Region; Warsaw: Safe Food, High Quality of life.
  • #9 in France, planned for January 2019.
    Topic: Earth Observation.
  • #10 in Brno, Czech Republic. Planned in March 2019.

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