Spacetech GmbH


Spacetech GmbH

SpaceTech provides services and systems for environmental monitoring such as:

  • seismic stations (land and ocean based)
  • GPS stations
  • tide gauges and buoys
  • real-time communication services
  • buoy and tide gauge management software
  • warning centre service oriented software

Further geo monitoring system related projects include so far:

  • Project management support to GFZ for the German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System (GITEWS) and layout / implementation of the real-time data communication for all sensor stations via satellite links
  • Software at the GITEWS warning centre for sensor data inputand sensor integration and the command and control component for the oceanographic sensors
  • Test preparation and test management of the Tsunami buoy in the Mediterranean Sea for the sonar based data transmission between ocean bottom sensor and the buoy
  • Delivery of a cable based Ocean Bottom Sensor deployed at 2000 m sea depth, 20 km offshore from Ulleong Do Island/South Korea (KOBS Project)
  • Delivery of a seismic station and a VSAT satellite communication system with own Hub for the Yemen Seismological Operation Centre (YESS Project)
  • Upgrade of Satellite Laser Ranging station software
  • Delivery and installation of a near real-time GPS station network with processing centre for live calculation of ground displacement

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